The Equality and Human Rights Commission report showed that only 1% of women who experience pregnancy or maternity discrimination take a case to Tribunal. We know that going through a Tribunal process can be very stressful. For some it can feel like David Vs Goliath as you take on an organisation with the resources to afford the very best solicitors. We hear from many women who feel burdened, alone and frightened during this process so we are piloting a scheme that will pair women who have been through this experience with women who are about to start legal proceedings. We hope that this friendship and mentoring will give women the strength they need to persist with a Tribunal and withstand the process whilst offering knowledgeable advice on the practical, emotional, financial and legal aspects.

The programme is completely free but dependant on availability.

If you are about to start a Tribunal process, or if you have recently completed a Tribunal process and would like to offer support to other women then please email:

Our free legal advice line and mentor programme exist to give women the tools and the support they need to challenge and tackle discriminatory behaviour. We want fair and just treatment for mothers in the workplace and by mobilising our community we believe we can take control back.

Read some of our contributor’s experiences of going through a Tribunal here

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