Please join our campaign #Givemesix to increase the time limit to take a case of pregnancy or maternity discrimination to tribunal from 3 months to 6 months. Mothers should not be forced to make a choice between the health of themselves, their baby and justice.

Pregnant Then Screwed is campaigning for various changes to the law that we believe will help reduce discrimination and create a more equal playing field for men and women in the workplace. The key changes we are requesting are as follows:

Paternity leave of three months on 90% of pay
We believe that if both parents have access to properly paid parental leave this would mean fathers spent more time with their children which would have a positive impact on everyone. It would also mean that both men and women will potentially take leave from employment, thereby reducing discrimination towards women alone. Increasing the amount of paternity leave and reducing the barriers to taking that leave will start to create the cultural and societal shift we so desperately need for child care to be seen as a parental challenge rather than a mother’s challenge. To ensure we maximise this opportunity, the paternity leave will be compulsory (i.e it cannot be transferred to the mother or another relative) and must be taken once the mother has returned to work.

Increasing the amount of time you have to take a case of pregnancy or maternity discrimination to Tribunal from 3 months to 6 months
If you are a victim of discrimination you will find that to tackle this through legal proceedings you have only 3 months less one day from the point of discrimination. This will usually come at a time when you are exhausted and vulnerable. Either you are pregnant and therefore a Tribunal risks the health of the mother and unborn child through stress or you have just had a baby, in which case making your lunch every day can feel like climbing mount everest, masterminding a Tribunal would be nigh-on impossible. This time restriction means that less than 1% of discrimination cases go to Tribunal.

Flexible working options to be stated on job adverts.
Once you have had a child you discover that it is often almost impossible to manage working full time alongside caring for your child. Most people are reluctant to place their baby in full time child care and therefore they need part time jobs or other flexible options such as working from home outside of office hours. Part time jobs are very hard to find and usually pay a lot less than full time. Many employers are also very reluctant to be flexible once an employee returns to work, ultimately causing high levels of stress for the parent or ultimately resulting in them leaving their jobs.

Subsidised childcare from when a child is 3 months old
Current legislation is from when a child is 3 years old, prior to that childcare is prohibitively expensive. If childcare was subsidised from 3 months old, parents could return to work much more easily

Improved legislation for those who are self employed and are on temporary contracts
With more and more women doing work on temporary contracts and being self employed, I believe it is really important to improve support and legislation to protect these women if they become pregnant. Currently the law is unclear so many employers feel comfortable with terminating contracts at the point of pregnancy.

If you would like to support this campaign, please complete the form below to sign the petition. We will message you if we need your support or help to move this along. Thanks ever so much.

Joeli, Pregnant Then Screwed founder

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